Case studies

Here are some pictures from a few of the square piano renovations we have carried out.

Schoene & Vinsen renovation

This Schoene & Vinsen was a beautifully made but damaged piano. There were numerous splits and cracks in the soundboard but this one could be saved.

Schoene and Vinsen soundboard after repair

1818 Broadwood Square Piano

A Broadwood, dating from 1818, as found in a garden shed.

1818 broadwood square piano as found in garden shed

The first step is to completely strip down the instrument taking careful notes, measurements and photos.

carefully strip down the instrument

1793 Bates Square Piano Restoration

The state of the original soundboard is only hinted at in this picture - the visible hole would have been repairable but turned out to be the least of its problems.

1793 bates square piano needing repair

Sadly, the original soundboard was too badly damaged for a practical repair and it has been replaced along with a new wrestplank, but carefully using the original tuning pins.

Bates square piano restored with new soundboard

1821 Broadwood restoration

A 1821 model on its way to restoration

broadwood square piano renovation